Toneden Shenanigans



Toneden is a website I very much dislike. The reason why is not worth discussing but yesterday I found myself, yet again, stuck in front of a download gate that would not open, because I’m not on Twitter.

Toneden allows you to log into the site using various 3rd party services: SoundCloud, Spotify, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

The service you use for the first interaction with any of Toneden’s gates determines what your account on the site will be called. For testing I made a new SoundCloud account and by the time I authenticated with Toneden it had created an account under that name.

So now I have an identity that Toneden knows me by, but how can I get past gates that I am not qualified to open?

No harm in at least trying…

Screenshot showing a terminal window and a Toneden gate. The gate is closed, the terminal shows text with a redacted download URL at the bottom.
For the record, I do not have a Twitter account

Well that was easy :)

The only service this did indeed not work for was Facebook. Maybe I’ll figure out a way around it (without creating an account because f*** Meta), but that’s not exactly a priority right now. The number of gates that want you to sign into Facebook is very small.

Might turn this into a small web service at some point, who knows.